Kennan Shaw -
My favorite bassist

fret /'fret/ vb 1: to cause to suffer emotional strain 2: to become vexed or worried

Kennan Shaw plays Fretless Bass. Whatever type of music you play, the one thing common to all, is the need for a solid foundation. With a strong foundation, you're free to build any kind of house you like! Kennan is a solid player, preferring the role of "Part of the Rhythm Section" to that of featured performer. Playing a solo does nothing for him, but finding the groove so that the whole band just feels good is what he strives for. He's a solid person. Drama free, easy to get along with, and completely reliable. Sometimes it seems that musicians are they're own brand of 'flaky', but he's proven that dependability and a busy schedule go hand-in-hand.

P.O. Box 486

Crockett, CA 94525

(510) 761-7547

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